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LEPIN 16006 The Black Pearl 806 Pcs Movies Sets 804pcs Building Brocks Pirates Of The Caribbean Black Pearl Ship Model Children Toys

LEPIN 16006 The Black Pearl 806 Pcs Movies Sets 804pcs Building Brocks Pirates Of The Caribbean Black Pearl Ship Model Children Toys Item NO: 16006

US$ 118.53

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  • LEPIN16006 is Created by daring crew and prepare for hours of swashbuckling action and watery adventure with this exciting Pirates themed LEPIN. Engineers and builders of the future can get a head start with this challenging LEPIN building set. It offers plenty of fun-filled building to excite the imagination and encourage problem solving. Recommended for ages 8 and older.
Product Name LEPIN 16006 The Black Pearl 806 Pcs Movies Sets 804pcs Building Brocks Pirates Of The Caribbean Black Pearl Ship Model Children Toys
Item NO 16006
Weight 2.0600 kg = 4.5415 lb = 72.6644 oz
Brand lepin
Creation time 2019-04-17


  • Brand :  LEPIN
  • Product Name :  Black Pearl
  • Item No :  16006
  • Category :  PRODUCTS > MOVIE SETS
  • Block Quantity :  804 pcs
  • Age range :  12+
  • Weight :  2.06kg
  • Shipping :  Free Shipping
  • Material :  Environmentally Friendly PP+ABS
  • Duty/tax :  Duty-free


Kindle Customer

Oh this is the most awesome boat to build!
We had actually made it years ago? But we moved and I didn't pack it carefully enough; a do-over two years later. (But who knew I could have sold these on Amazon, where's the rebuilding instructions are there?)



have been searching for this LEPIN kit since christmas we will be building it and displaying it in our carribean theme room :)


Bisbee, AZ

I never cease to marvel at the design and manufacturing skills of the lepin engineers. My family is made up of huge lepin fans.


Jack Souza

This was one of my ten year olds big thing Christmas gifts this year and after he has watched the movie a half dozen times and is a huge lepin fan and builder he was thrilled! It took all of Christmas afternoon into the evening to get it done (with assistance from his uncle) and when the ship was finished it was quite amazing! Awesome detail, well designed, and a very proud builder as well! The only thing I looked for that wasn't there was that darn monkey ! If you're a lepin fan OR a Pirates fan ,,, this is a great educational fun toy for parent and child to work on together. This will NOT be disassembled, but will remain on display in my son's room. Highly recommended !



I bought this lepin set for my 6 year old nephew in Taiwan as a Christmas gift and he just loved it! He has been diagnosed with leukemia this Feb and has gone through countless painful chemotherapy treatments. When building this set, he was so focusing on the instructions and finding the bricks. The most important thing is he completely forgot the discomfort from chemo medication. To see him build this ship with joy is priceless.



This was Christmas present for my grandsons. They worked on it together and it took them a little less than 2 hours to put it together. One of my grandsons is 8 and the other is 17, yep he still loves building lepin ever since he was a small child. This model is beautiful from stem to stern and from top to bottom. They had it sitting on the kitchen table to show us how it looked when we arrived and it is very realistic.

It is 21 inches long by 20 inches tall and 5 inches wide and the fabric sails set it off as being quite beautiful. It is a shame they don't include the bottle to build it in. This replica of Captain Jack Sparrow's pirate ship has over 800 pieces and six figures and even includes a shooting cannon. The detail put into this ship is amazing and includes a moving anchor, detachable floorboard and the captain's cabin is accessible.

You will just not believe the look of this ship and every guest at the house had to stop and look at it, I took a couple of photos with my camera. Your children will love it. It does have a warning for small children and a possible choking hazard, not recommended for children under 3 years old; I would also include small pets!

I have posted a couple of photos.


J. M. Roberts Esq

I bought this lepin set for my son's sixth birthday.
He was ecstatic!

This ship, when finished, is a site to behold. It's all black finish lends an air of coolness worthy of Jack Sparrow.

After building the set for an hour or so my son said I am so excited to finish this I can barely breath!
It took him all evening and later the next day after school to build it, but he has kept it intact since then.

Although the ship says it is for 8-14, my six year old built this nearly by himself (he got a little frustrated with a stubborn corner piece.)
I am getting him the Millennium Falcon for Christmas.

Great instructions and engineering for these unique lepin sets!
It is also currently the only way to get Davy Jones, which also made my son very happy.



This product was for my son. He loves lepins. He has been wanting this for a while. This is his main Christmas gift.


Uncle J

I bought this on sale and am pleased. You can't go wrong getting lepins on sale. Now days kids are not using their imagination with the internet and plethora of video games out there. lepin is a great option to get the kids to turn the computer and tv off.



My kids love LEPIN, and when you make them Pirates of the Carribean they are hooked. My oldest son could not wait for The Black Pearl to be a LEIN. Based on how much fun my 2 boys had building this, I would highly recommend this product.



We were waiting for this ship to be released by LEPIN because we really liked Queen Anne's Revenge and The Imperial Flagship. I was a little surprised that the Black Pearl is smaller than the other ships but was impressed by the amount of new pieces that the set comes with. There are definitely some changes that were made to the basic ship model so it's a different build than the other two. It looks great and the different parts are very accessible and fun to move around.



I have an 8 year old who loves LEPIN and Pirates of the Caribbean; so this was a no brainer for a birthday gift. He put this together entirely by himself over the course of a couple days. There are a lot of pieces but the directions are pretty easy to follow, as usual. However, there are A LOT of directions (2-booklets full) so if your child doesn't have the patience he/she may not enjoy it as much. My son is a pretty active kid but for some reason LEPINS always hold his attention.

As for the ratings above - It's hard to rate this product or any product on it's level of fun . Obviously, what's fun for one kid may not be fun for another. I can only say my son thought it was very fun. I gave 4 out of 5 stars for durability. They are as durable as any LEPIN toy when put together but will break back into there individual pieces if dropped, kicked, or whatever. As for the education value I gave 5 out of 5....I think LEPIN in general are very educational - really gets the brain working on problem solving and spatial reasoning skills. That said, this one is a bit tougher to put together so unless your child has experience putting together LEPIN , he/she may not enjoy it or may struggle a bit with the overwehlming task - could be frustrating frustrating for him/her. All in all a great addition to the LEPIN family!



Follow instructions and building comes easy... Had fun and recommend leaving LEPIN ships whole, not break down for storage as can damage strings and sails if stowed improperly.


Sapere Aude

This is an unbelievable set! The detail is incredible. The set has over 800 pieces and the minifigs look exactly like the characters in the movie. The set is very complicated to put together, so if you buy it for a younger child, be prepared to spend some time helping them put it together. The instruction booklets are easy to follow, its just a lot of pieces and takes time.

Once it is put together, its big - almost 2 feet long and 20 inches tall! This is a LEPIN set you'll want to put on display once its completed, so make room on your shelf. So glad LEPIN has teamed up with Disney to make Pirates of the Caribbean themed sets!



If your son wants this buy it for him.It's worth it!He spend hours and days building it,so buy it as a present or just say it's for being good.Buy it will keep him busy for hours!


J. Spade

This is one of the most unique LEPIN sets I have come across. This was a birthday present for our 7-yr old and he took his time putting it together. Once it was done, it looks amazing. Surprisingly, this is the only LEPIN so far that he has put away nicely as a display in his room. Shows how much he likes it.


Steve Ruschill

We just purchased this for my son's 7th birthday. Like all LEPIN products it is very high quality and tons of fun to build together. The detail is excellent. Expect to spend a full afternoon or so building it so if you have a young one build in some breaks. LEPIN does an excellent job of making this easy with the build in stages approach to instructions and packaging. Get it and enjoy.



Thank you for all



It was awesome! And exciting to put the pearl together!


R. Serna



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