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Lepin 20086B Technic Series 4031Pcs Figure Bugatti Chiron Racing Car Set Model Building Kit Blocks Bricks Children Toy

Lepin 20086B Technic Series 4031Pcs Figure Bugatti Chiron Racing Car Set Model Building Kit Blocks Bricks Children Toy Item NO: 20086B

US$ 169.00

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  • About This Item:
  • Celebrate innovative engineering and design from one of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers with this magnificent LEPIN® 20086,20086B,20086C,20086D Bugatti Chiron model. Developed in partnership with Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S, the model captures the magic of the iconic supercar with its gleaming aerodynamic bodywork, logoed spoked rims with low‑profile tyres, detailed brake discs and W16 engine with moving pistons. Open the doors and you'll discover an elaborate cockpit, featuring a Technic 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift and a steering wheel bearing the Bugatti emblem. Insert the top speed key to switch the active rear wing from handling to top speed position or lift the hood to reveal a unique serial number and a storage compartment containing a stylish Bugatti overnight bag. A classic Bugatti duo-tone blue colour scheme reflects the brand's signature colour, and a set of cool stickers for additional detailing adds the final touch to this exclusive model!
Product Name Lepin 20086B Technic Series 4031Pcs Figure Bugatti Chiron Racing Car Set Model Building Kit Blocks Bricks Children Toy
Item NO 20086B
Weight 6.5000 kg = 14.3300 lb = 229.2808 oz
Category PRODUCTS > Technology Series
Brand lepin
Creation time 2019-04-18


  • Brand :  LEPIN
  • Product Name :  Bugatti Chiron Racing Car
  • Item No :  20086B
  • Category :  PRODUCTS > Technology Series
  • Block Quantity :  4031 pcs
  • Age range :  12+
  • Weight :  6.5000 kg
  • Shipping :  Free Shipping
  • Material :  Environmentally Friendly PP+ABS
  • Duty/tax :  Duty-free



It's a really cool car!!!



Great and responsible seller.



My grandson and son-in-law already have it built. It is an amazing car and I paid less with you than I would have paid in the store (if I could find it) or any other site. Amazon you are the best and it was great to be able to send gift cards through the computer and have cards accompan6y them. Never change, you will always be my first shopping stop!



My Our grandson was delighted with it. Has kept him quite busy putting it together. It is also very challenging. I was very happy to receive the super car so quickly.






Great Model!!!



It's amazing to see how far lepin have come in the past few decades. This set pushed boundaries I'd never considered with the ways the blocks are used & attached. As many others have stated, it takes a few hours to put this together, but the final results are fantastic. I only wish I'd bought two more: One to make the hotrod, and one to keep sealed in collectors condition.





Scott Young

Everything I expected and more. A challenging, rewarding model.


Pam Smith

Hard to find but was exactly what I was looking for. This was a gift and the recipient was thrilled and shocked to see I had been able to find it. Packaged well and arrived quickly.



My 10 yr old son loved this lepin. It took him about 7 hours to build it. He really enjoyed putting it together.


Tammi Berry

My son is a lepin maniac - it took him 3 days to put it all together. He said, Mom, my hands are a bit bigger


alan lee wan li

i didnt have any commend of this product .if i got any thing to say wiill let u know it soon ..


O. Webb

This keeps me from going nuts, It is fun to put the different models together and you can download instructions for several more on the internet. This will keep me occupied during the cold long winter.


Doug Sheets

This is a great lepin set for anyone who is a fan of engineering, cars or lepins. The car is a blast to build (took me about 6 hours) and makes a great display piece once finished. It is filled with very cool little engineering details that mimic the mechanics of the real thing such as ...
- V8 containing a crank shaft and pistons that slide realistically when the rear tires turn
- working rear differential
- working suspension on all 4 wheels
- working steering, albeit controlled by a gear at the top rear rather than the steering wheel
- working manual transmission allowing a single motor to independently move the motorized doors, hood and spoiler.
- U-joints
- worm drives

The battery pack requires six AA batteries.

The building instructions are a bit unclear in a few places, but nothing severe.



I bought this kit from another site, as the title suggests it's way overpriced by at least $150. It took me about 6 hours to assemble and the result is rewarding. Definitely not a kit for those who are new to lepin. I would price shop before you buy.



The MSRP for this item is $149, the price is completely false. At first I was shocked that the price was $299 but after checking lepin's site, I found it for $149



The car is packed with functions all cleverly controlled from a quite compact central gearbox with stick-shift. Each position of the gear selector controls a separate function of the model be it the two doors, lifting the engine cover or the very cleverly hidden rear spoiler. However in terms of an overall set, I felt that the fun was really in the construction (non-numbered bags by the way so be prepared to take over the house as there are a lot of parts).
There are a number of clever uses of the beams & connectors together with build sequences to form abstract shapes that give the car realistic styling especially on the lower side panels of the car - no more square corners! The door opening mechanism is also very clever and really made me smile.
Once built you're left with a car that cost a fair amount but feels like it could have been more for very little additional expense, for example LIGHTS.
Now of course you can add these if you have them and if you're fortunate enough to have a bag of spare motors & parts you can build a second car that is motorized (the yellow one in the photos has two motors, one to control steering and the other for the remaining functions including forward motion together with an IR brick so you can chase the cat with it).
Now, please remember that the car was never advertised as a motorized car so it wouldn't be fair to judge it as one however it does feels like lepin stopped just a little short of the mark on delivering a true masterpiece. Personally I'd have been happier with manually controlled doors via a wheel you turn and a car with motorized steering and drive, I'd have even paid more for it.
But then I firmly believe that the essence of lepin is imagination so if the car was motorized, then I wouldn't have spent a couple of weeks modifying the instructions and building my own version!
I wouldn't advise this set an introduction to the Technic theme however if you have a couple of spare motors, a bag of beams, gears and a couple of days to spare then it forms a fantastic inspirational piece on which to build and improve. Because of that fact alone, it is an excellent set.


Alex Ortiz

I bought this car with one purpose. Convert it into a final project for one of my computer engineering classes. I modified the body to fit two servo motors.
This car is great with the exception that I was missing about 4 pieces.



i like this


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