Review LEPIN 20086 Bugatti Chiron 42083 – Compatible LEGO 42083

After some time I got a bigger set – the Chiron (20086). 
Ordered over good old Jeremy; arrived within 1.5 weeks 

I deliberately chose the “original” because the color super fits in my room 

In short: 
I was almost shocked at how good Lepin has become by now. 
The parts, colors, pins, connectors, stickers, instructions …. Everything is very good! 

In contrast to Lego Lepin has halved the number of pages, which I can only welcome. 

Lego still manages to print a double page for two built-in parts ….. 
The book is pretty okay with 347 pages and 970 steps for the size of the set. 
Never had the feeling that single steps were squeezed too hard on pages. 

It was not a single mistake in the manual. 

Used good quality from Lepin. 
The stickers are in no way inferior to the quality of Lego. (Color / adhesive force) 
I was extremely astonished that this time they probably take full risk and use the original lettering.


First, of course, I’ve inspected the parts that are exclusive to the set. 
Everything perfect. The rims are also very good! 
Only the tires are borderline (stripes / streaks), but in the end so installed that one does not see it anyway. Therefore, manageable …

There were a total of 78 bags. 

76 bags for the steps (1-13), a larger bag with the large items and rods and a small bag with spare (small) parts. 

I had no missing parts and only very few parts left after each step. 

Only a single part had a defect – but could easily be replaced by my remaining inventory of other sets. 

construction phases 

The building was loose from the hand. 
Here are some pictures of each step. 
There are 13 in total – 12 & 13 I summarized. 

(You can hardly see a difference to step 7 – most of it is built here at the back, but I missed to take a picture from there)


I then spontaneously after the completion decided to install a light mod. 
I used a few spare parts from my Sembo Club. 


I personally find a great set. 
Sure, the price of Lego is just exaggerated, but I can recommend the Lepin version to anyone who found the Porsche even halfway interesting 

You may argue about the color, but there will soon be many different variants where there is something for everyone. 

For eternal discussion “LEPIN OR DECOOL! ??!” I can only say so much: 
I also have Decool’s white Porsche, and I could not see any qualitative difference in any way … 
The whole axes, connectors, pins, gears, etc., have become incredibly good and everything slips clean. 
You just have to know how to build technology and not always push everything to stop. 

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