Review LEPIN 37003 NASA Apollo Saturn V – Compatible LEGO 21309

I have a review of the Lepin-Saturn V rocket. 

After several Lepin sets (but also other manufacturers) I could now make interesting and probably useful comparisons. 

To the prehistory: 
Actually, I did not believe in buying a Lepin set if it was still available as an original. 
But I, too, wait, like many others, for the availability of LEGO. 

So not long was shilly and ordered the rocket. 
The delivery time via ePacket took about 3 weeks to Austria. 

The Lego rocket that I ordered three pieces from was still unavailable at the time (and still is not) 
The consequence was the cancellation of the order. At some point I’m fed up too 

Guidance was on the Lepin rocket, as described, none of them. For the construction I used the PDF manual of LEGO … and that on the mobile phone. -> went perfect! 

Immediately after opening the package I noticed the numbering on each bag.

For this set this is the number 37003 and then the consecutive number 01 to 46. 
So far so good. 
The real sensation is the big number next to it! 1 to 12
This number corresponds exactly to the construction sections on the part of the LEGO construction manual! Brilliant! 

The eternally annoying search, which one knew of the Lepin sets was completely eliminated! You simply looked for the bags with the corresponding number (between 3 and 5 pieces) and put them in small boxes. With me this time, all in all 3 pieces! 
The construction was just as pleasant as the original. 

This feeling continued during the construction. There was not a single miss! Even more blatantly … there were no parts left!  This is truly unusual for Lepin. But I’m somehow right 

To the quality: 
Somehow I always had the thought: “Is that still Lepin, or just the original?” 

The clamping force also fit 

With this set there are no stickers known. And with the imprints, Lepin always had certain problems. 
Either these were just unattractive, or wrongly printed. In this set, the imprints fit wonderfully 

Buy recommendation? I think this question is unnecessary 

Well, since pictures say more than 1000 words, of course, there are still some of my set 

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